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Your customers are moving, are you moving with them?

Car buyers are moving in increasing numbers away from the traditional car showroom and using the online marketplace to research their next car purchase. This web based activity gives a great opportunity to promote your brand or dealership and to engage quickly with new customers – but their online searching normally occurs when your showroom is closed and your sales team at home…

The Challenge

To be in with a chance of winning these new customers you need to respond quickly to enquiries and engage with potential customers before your competitors do, even out of normal trading hours.

How can you support this new need for fast, out of hour’s service using your current sales structure? In short, you can’t without great expense and upheaval. Most showroom sales teams respond on average 12 – 18 hours after the enquiry was made – too slow for the fast “here and now” internet sales.

The Solution

AI can support you with this challenge, making sure your business is the first to reply to your new customer enquiries – our internet sales team made up of auto trade sales professionals who know and understand your business will handle these enquiries for you as they are made. We will be your internet sales team, professional, knowledgeable and proactive, with access to your point of sale media and used vehicle stock we will work hard to help you convert an enquiry in to a sale. We will answer queries, make appointments for test drives or book appointments with your showroom sales team.

Don’t get left behind, convert your internet enquiries in to sales quickly and efficiently.

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