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Auto Interactive a team of industry professionals

national-coverage-supportOur team of sales professionals have a wealth of experience gained over 25 years working in dealerships, as well as with training and CRM suppliers implementing programs that deliver results within the automotive sector, with previous positions including sales director, group sales manager, head of business, sales manager & business manager.

Over the past few years we have seen the dealerships customer enquiry base move in increasing numbers away from the traditional showroom and using the online marketplace to research. This web based market provides a new opportunity for first contact with the brand or dealership, with growing scope for this contact both in and outside of traditional trading hours.

Consumers now place a much higher value on the relationship and customer service aspects of this on-line contact in relation to the dealers. Therefore the long-term success of the dealership/manufacturer is directly related to their ability to develop, nurture and exploit the relationship with customers choosing this method of first contact.

We treat your customers as our customers with the objective of quickly building a conversational relationship to the point of qualified lead/appointed whether they choose web form, email or live chat. This gives you a great platform to take the customer to the point of sale then build on the relationship for additional products and services.

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