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Case Studies

Every dealer’s situation is slightly different. However, the cases below, based on real clients over the last quater, can indicate what you may expect for your business. Not all chats are sales enquiries, it is worth keeping in mind other benefits of having a managed live chat service as part of your online strategy. To […]

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A Very British Omnichannel Customer Experience

Below is a copy of a blog post by our good friend Steve Penson from Alisar ‘They will improve your business and help you to make money by improving customer service, taking a customer-eye’s look at your business then using root-cause analysis to identify key issues and isitiate culture change and creating a high preforming […]

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Environmentalism & The Motor Trade

Environmentalism is not something that would usually draw a positive link with the motor trade, however recent statistics regarding the green motor trade tell a different story. The motor trade is operating off the best January registration figures in 11 years, despite 2015 being a record year itself, registrations were up 2.9% year by year […]

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Live chat & the motor dealer

When you are consider adding a live chat function to your website there are a three crucial questions you need to answer before you decide to go ahead. Firstly, Why?  What is the benefit of live chat? To answer this question, I will draw an analogy to setting up a new dealership as your website […]

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The changing face of the motor industry.

First things first the title of this post is probably a bit misleading. The motor industry does not have a changing face, rather a disappearing one. Along with many other industries the motor trade has been subject to the changes in consumer behavior rooted in the information revolution, resulting in a wide range of new […]

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