Auto Interactive

Customer Relation Specialists
Tel: 01423 608125


How does it work:-

Live Chat

It’s easy, first choose one of our live chat buttons, or create your own, then let us have contact details for your website management company, or internal team, then we do the rest.
As the chat’s come in we handle them as your in house internet team, collecting customer data and making appointments where possible. We then send all chat transcripts to the dealership team.

Web Leads

The concept is simple, you are generating customer enquiries through a number of on-line sites such as Auto Trader, etc, as well as your own dealership websites and manufacturer’s site. These enquiries are typically sent to you or a member of your team by email, they are then passed on to a sales person to contact the customer. Unfortunately it is often too late by the time the sales person contacts the customer due to your sales teams other sales commitments, also the skills a salesperson has to deal with customers face to face are very different to the skills needed to encourage a conversation using email.

What do we do…

  • Respond to your live chat enquiries in real time, between the hours you set
  • Answer online enquiries and manufacturers leads
  • Out of hours service 7am – 9am and 5.30pm – 11.00pm
  • Full service 7.00am to 11.00pm
  • Between 11.00pm and 7.00am a data capture form is available
  • Qualify leads with professional, knowledgeable online sales team.
  • Aim to book appointments
  • Update CRM system and/or email leads to your in-house sales team

Leave your sales team free to do what they do best – sell cars in your showroom!

  • No additional salary
  • No team to manage
  • Only pay for enquiries we handle
  • No lengthy contract’s to sign

We will have access to all your live chat and online enquiries, which will be monitored constantly through the hours requested, so your showroom sales team can concentrate on face to face sales. We will respond to all enquires through live chat or from a designated email address set up specially for these enquiries, this way the customer feels the connection is with your business. We will manage all live chat enquires in real time and send you transcripts of each chat by email.

Our aim is to qualify all live chat and online leads and when possible make appointments to visit your showroom sales team or test drive a car. We are able to input these enquires directly into your CRM/Showroom system (if you provide access) with the qualified customer details, next action’s and notes, giving you full visibility and control. We will also call or email your dealer management team each day to discuss these enquires to ensure no sales opportunities are missed.

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